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Bred Strong and (website) takes your privacy very seriously. This privacy policy will inform you why and how I obtain your information.

During your use of we may ask for certain information that is considered personal. For example, if you opt-in to our e-mail newsletter service, you will be asked to provide your name and email address. This is collected in order to have weekly communication with you via our newsletter. If you choose to fill out a contact form, things like name, phone number, email address, and address may be obtained in order to best serve you. does partner with some third-party sites such as PayPal in order to process payments and transactions when you purchase a product from our website.

Many websites collect data when visited, such as a cookie. This is a file sent from the web to your computer hard drive whenever you visit said website. The use of cookies can be very purposeful as it remembers log-in information and items in a shopping cart. Cookies do not contain viruses and will not install malware on to your computer. Refusal to accept the use of cookies with may result in losing access to the website all-together.

Cayla Daniels and Bred Strong reserve the right to change or update this privacy policy as needed. We will always document and notify when such changes have been made.

Your private information will never be shared. Exceptions would be in case of legal disclosure where it is required by law or imminent physical danger.

By using this website and e-mail opt-in’s you are hereby agreeing to the privacy policy mentioned above. If you at any point decide you do not agree, it is advised that you discontinue visiting this website. If you wish to opt-out of all communication, please send us an email at